Vacation and Travel Photography

My family recently took a vacation to the North Carolina coast and I thought I’d share some of the photos as well as some tips I have for taking great travel/vacation shots.



One thing I noticed about a lot of vacation photos is that while some are very pretty, most tend to be, well, kinda boring. I’ve been guilty of this, I see something cool looking, grab my camera, and start shooting. Then I look at the pics and say, “This doesn’t do justice to what I saw!” Thats because I shoot without thinking. Take a look at the angles, put something or someone in the foreground, get goofy. The pics above would have been boring without a good foreground. Pretty, maybe, but still boring.


Another thing, edit the photos a little. Fool around with b/w and other filters, add frames, pop the colors. Who cares as long as you like it? And if you like it, chances are that other people will, too. Besides my camera gear all I had was my iPad, and I edited all of these pictures on it. There are some really great photography apps out there.



I always shoot RAW, so getting a good converter is a must. I use RawConverter 2. To edit I really like photoForge, it’s very powerful and is as close as you’re going to get to having photoshop on your tablet. A really cool thing about photoForge is that not only can you upload directly from the app to Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, etc, but you can also send a photo straight to a company that will turn it into a postcard and send it for you. Great fun! Both can be found at the app store.
Keep shooting and have fun!

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